Flagstaff Arizona!


    Flagstaff is the ideal base from which to explore Northern Arizona.  With a wide selection of hotels and motels, many of the attractions of Northern Arizona may be seen and explored within  a day's trip from Flagstaff. 

   Flagstaff is nestled at the base of the San Francisco Peaks in the central region of the Mogollon Rim in Northern Arizona.  At approximately 6,5000 feet, Flagstaff offers a cool mountain escape from the deserts of Arizona, as well as almost unlimited opportunities for outdoor activity and recreation in Northern Arizona, whether you want to hike, bike, golf or skiing in the Arizona Snow Bowl.  Flagstaff also offers museums, shopping, and fantastic sightseeing opportunities around the San Francisco Peaks.  Explore our Historic Downtown for unique shops and restaurants with a distinctly "Flagstaff" experience.

   We are located near many of the most popular attractions in Northern Arizona, including Grand Canyon National Park, Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments, Meteor Crater, and Sedona and Oak Creak Canyon.

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