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      Guida Woodworks, Inc. is a family-run custom mill shop located in Flagstaff, Arizona. We have been supplying homebuilders, designers and homeowners with locally-made quality hardwood products for over 11 years. We can supply you with an accurate and consistent product in a timely manner. Our products range from hardwood floors, moulding, curved moulding, stair parts, exterior siding, T&G paneling, bead-board, re-saw work, wide belt sanding, laminations, custom entry doors, and rubber stamp mounts.

     All of our products are made to order and manufactured in Flagstaff, Arizona, by Guida Woodworks, Inc. When you purchase a product from us you are buying directly from the manufacturer. We would be happy to give you a price on any of your current or future projects.

      We invite you to visit our showroom located at 449 S. River Run Road, or visit our website to learn more about the products and services we offer.


449 S. River Run Road                    928.226.9719



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